The Secret To Building Wealth

The Secret To Building Wealth

It can interesting how the word wealth have different associations for different people. Whilst for some it’s considered to be something virtuous, for others it recalls images of greed, deceit and fermage. For a few wealth is something to be avoided while for others it’s something they will spend their life pursuing. The reality, however is

that wealth is only our ‘natural state’. The phrase wealth really means abundance and this abundance is the essential with which the universe functions. The secret to building wealth is merely about finding a way of tapping into the

The Secret To Building Wealth

large quantity that is already available.

Somewhere along the line in our cultural condition an idea crept in that we are not titled to abundance and that having ‘too much’ is a bad thing – especially when it comes to money and material wealth. There is apparently a common notion that it is much nobler to suffer in lack than to enjoy a life of abundance.

Life is rich in every way. The entire universe for that matter is by design plentiful. There is more than enough of everything for all, but the belief that there is lack is what creates the experience of lack for so many people. If there ever was a secret to building wealth, then it is a chance to realize that what you want is already open to you.

Many people are looking for the trick to building prosperity in resources outside by themselves, whereas the real resources are within you. Wealth is not something you ‘get’ but something that you ‘connect to’ – as airy-fairy as that might sound. Consider this: a radio, when started up, do not pull radio surf from a transmitter.

Just makes audible the stereo waves that are already there – these dunes are everywhere all the time anyway. Right now, everything required is available to you – all the money and resources on earth are available to you right now. It is merely a case of switching on and tuning in to begin building wealth and success in your life.

Any time you turn on, you become aware of the fact that it’s all available to you. When you pay attention, you start tapping into the prosperity and opportunity that is approximately you at all times anyway. As soon as you realize that the real resources are within you, the external resources tends to just show up – not because they appear out of thin air, nevertheless for the first time you are actually noticing them.

Just think of some of the greatest products of our modern age – aren’t they just opportunities that were there for the taking… only taken by someone who was able to ‘see’ something that’s always been there. When you think back again at the Romans, it’s not that they did not have access to electricity. It’s just that they did not uncover it. Electricity has always been there.

Another key to building wealth that is closely related, is the simple fact that money is nothing but a measure of the exchange of value. The particular amount of money and wealth in your life is an immediate reflection of the value that you add to life (as a whole).

To build more wealth in your life, you simply have to find a way to add more value. This is not hard at all. Why? Well, you are unique in so many different ways and you can do certain things that no one else can do. Discover a way to use your unique talents to serve your fellow man and prosperity and abundance will be yours.

The secret to building wealth is to build yourself. For things to get better, you have to get better. Wealth is not so much something you create as it is something that you link to. You have it within you to create all the wealth and prosperity that you can picture. Connect to this prosperity that is already available to you.

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