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3 Investments to Make Your Money Grow

There is a question haunting you. Now you have some savings and think it is time. It has been a couple of years since you started asking yourself, how to make your money grow? The first answer that comes to your mind is obvious, investing. Yet, you probably do not know how to start.

If you are trying to learn how to make your money grow, keep in mind there are no shortcuts. Investing or saving takes time and patience. Years will pass before you perceive any real reward. Do not get discouraged if some time passes and your numbers are still the same.

Each financial advisor has its own answer to how to make your money grow. You are the one who must choose the best path to follow. Making an educated decision is the key to perceive a profit. Sometimes it is better to choose the safer option over the risky but more profitable. There are three investments that will help you increase your wealth.

Real Estate

Real estate is great investment opportunity if done the right way. If you have the opportunity of buying a property, go for it. Real estate is more than acquiring a place and then renting it. You could buy a piece of land and then sell for a profit. Another option is to buy a real estate note. This option allows you to invest money in a property but someone else is in charge of it.

Not everyone has the skills to renovate a house but it may be your passion. Construction work is not easy but being able to do it is a great advantage. If you consider that you can restore a property and have the budget, it may be a good investment. Real estate is a blooming market and more people are looking to buy before renting.

Find people that are willing to invest in a property and team up. If you feel more confident giving your money to an expert, find a private market. Companies were created to build real estate portfolios so you can invest with only a few clicks.


How to make your money grow with stocks? Go for an index fund. It is tempting to buy whatever stock is popular at the moment but this is bad decision. When you decide to buy stocks, it is better to be safe than sorry. The markets are often changing and buying the wrong option could cost you. An index fund tracks the investments in the category of your choosing. This mutual fund allows you to invest in emerging markets and safer options.

If you decide to buy stocks the traditional way, some of the best options are:

Technology: These tend to be more expensive but gain value fast. Consider buying stocks of a stable and popular social network.

Real Estate: It is possible to buy real estate stocks. You will not own a property but a stock in a company that handles real estate. Good for those that do not know what to look in a property.

Airlines: Europeans airlines are growing all the time. They report high profits to its stock holders every year. Unicorn Companies: It is not easy to recognize a unicorn company and if you are not an expert, avoid this kind of stocks. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith when you are investing in a startup. If you believe in the project, put a little into it.

Alternative Markets

Turning your money into gold is not as crazy as it sounds. It is one of the safest investments and that will always turn a profit. Oil and clean energy are good markets. Alternative markets are not limited to natural resources. Some new markets are opening every day to please the population’s needs. Health care in countries like China is an upcoming market with great opportunities.

How make your money grow on the alternative markets will depend in your vision. Identify the option you think has more chances or growing and put part of your money on it.

The Don’ts of Investment

Ignorance will lead to bad investments. You learned about how to make your money grow. Now it is time to learn what could make you lose it. Some of this problematic decisions are not obvious. Avoid the following at all cost:

Do not put all your money on the same basket. If you only buy real estate and the market collapses, you will lose everything. Diversify your investments so you always have a backup.

Do not invest in cryptocurrencies. There are news about Bitcoin’s price daily. People that bought the coins in the beginning are now millionaires. It is tempting and does not sound bad but not everything is golden. Countries around the world are passing bills against the alternative coins. Prices are high today but could collapse tomorrow

Beware of the schemes! If an investment sounds too good to be true, then it is. The Ponzi scheme is a kind of investment that promises high profits in little time. These investments are not real and falling for it will leave you with empty pockets. Do not make an investment without all the information. Rushing into a decision is not how you should conduct your business.

How to make your money grow? Not losing it is a beginning. Being too careful is necessary if not mandatory. When you consider investments, you are putting your money. Remember how hard you worked to save it.

Do You Need An Advisor?

Yes! Even if you have read many books, only a professional knows the best way to invest. They will give you the best alternatives and teach you how to make your money grow. Take advice from a professional and you will see better results